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We believe in the power of routines. The daily steps you can take to support
your life and health matter and it starts with your skin.

Routine Skin™ is a unisex range of products created for the effective
treatment & prevention of problematic skin.

Australian made with clean, powerful native botanicals, formulated by scientists
and tested with skin specialists to ensure effective results.

Co Founder
Steph Eastwood

After years of running skin salons and helping people with their different skin concerns, Steph would often come across teenagers who were suffering from a lack of knowledge with their skin and parents who just didn’t know how to help. They would come in with painful breakouts or feeling uncomfortable with their appearance. It is this experience that she applied to creating the Routine Skin range of products to ensure they are effective and suited to younger skin.

“I would often spend a lot of time trying to find the right product to assist with their concerns. I wasn’t able to find one brand that was truly dedicated to the needs of younger skin and their own routine. I realised what I was looking for didn't exist and if I wanted to help out with this stage of their life, I was going to have to create something for them.”

Co Founder
Amy Dusseldorp

As a mother of two pre-teen children with an interest in natural, non-toxic living and health, Amy was starting to search for clean products to support the changing skin needs of her kids. Unable to find anything aside from
over-marketed, ineffective products, Amy worked with Steph to create a range of simple yet effective products for teenage skin.

“Teenage skincare is always overlooked – and it’s one of the most important arenas, as we have the power to start our kids on the right path to a simple routine they can carry through life. As hormones change and skin breaks out, we need to reduce toxins and support a clean and balanced complexion, which I hope will help our kids face the world the best way they can.”